Colors From Nature

Private Labeling and Contract Manufacturing of Hair Color Range

Discover the New Vegetal Coloring with Cultivator’s


We are the experts in manufacturing 100% organic hair dyes/ vegetal coloring for individuals and hairdressing professionals.
Today, Cultivator Natural Product is one of the best references in the global Vegetal coloring market.




Safe on your skin


A Solution for safe vegetal colorings for your health. Our colors 100% Vegetal and they do not contain harmful chemicals (Like Ammonia, Paraben, Peroxide)



Organic Agriculture

We are passionate about the environment-friendly agriculture practices. We are bringing change with sustainable steps.




Vegan Because We Love Animals

Our Vegetal coloring neither includes animal origin ingredients nor is tested on animals. (Regulation (EC)
No. 1223/2009, supplemented by Regulation (EU) No.

Sourcing Practices

Through ethical, responsible, and farmers’ welfare-oriented practices, we offer a wide range of herbs, botanicals, spices, nutraceutical & cosmeceutical product to the world.


Kosher and Halal

The religious certifications are intended to benefit
those who follow a Kosher, Halal, or vegetarian diet
and to those with related food allergies. We aim to
bring religious harmony along with quality products.



Manufacturing Practices

Our manufacturing practices are a promise to ensure
that products are consistently produced and
controlled according to international quality

Why Choose Cultivator’s?

This is what makes us different!

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