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Organic Herbal Tablets

Cultivator’s has a state-of-the-art tablet manufacturing unit that can make 200mg to 500mg weight tablets in both round and oval shapes. The tablets manufactured in our clean-room facility are 99.5% to 100% Organic Botanical Tablets with a maximum of 0.5% Organic Certified Binder and 0% Filler and Additives

Organic Herbs Powder

Cultivator’s has been providing 100% organic herbal powders to the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries for decades. Powders of specification 40 to 200 mesh sizes that are water-miscible and perfect for herbalists and supplements are produced. These powders are suitable to add in Liquid formulas in cosmetics also.

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The best way to take Herbal Supplements is in tablet form or powder form. They are potent forms and are expected to show results at a faster rate. One can consume the herbal tablets and powder as prescribed by a certified health practitioner or doctor. In case of any existing medical condition, one should consult the doctor

Size and Shape

We provide authentic certified herbal tablets as per the client’s requirements. We offer tablets in both round and oval shapes with weights ranging from 200 to 500 mg. We also offer the finest & purest form of powdered herbs and botanicals. Our powdered products are perfect to use for Ayurveda Practitioners, Cosmetic brands, and Food Supplement Companies.

Customize Packaging

We provide hundreds of high-quality & effective custom packaging solutions depending on the client’s requirements. Our imported world-class packaging lines, turntable, and blister packaging system ensure a final product packaged with perfect finesse. We strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of product packaging.